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Host Families Needed


The concept of “billeting” a hockey player is somewhat of a hockey tradition, especially in Canada.  It is especially important at the junior level of hockey. This process involves host families opening their homes to out-of-town players, providing an opportunity for these young men to pursue the next step in their hockey career.


A billet family allows a student/athlete the ability to complete high school educations, take college classes, and/or pursue part-time employment in the local community, while living in a structured family environment.


It is critical for a host family to provide a comfortable living environment for each of our billet players. One of the most difficult things for the high-level hockey player is moving away from home. Therefore, it is important for us to find homes that provide a safe and  positive family environment.   We encourage our players to become actively involved with the family that has so generously welcomed them into their home. A host family is to provide housing and three meals a day while the boys are in town.


Becoming a billet family can be a very rewarding experience. Strong bonds are often made between the player, his parents and the billet family, which frequently carry on well after the player has moved on to the next level.


Billet families are compensated by the visiting players family.  There is also a Billet Coordinator who will check in with you on a weekly basis to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


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