Game Day




CHASE THE ACE: New game this season where the 50-50 winner gets to draw a card from a standard 52 deck.  If the person draws the Ace of Spades, they win the Jackpot.  If they do not win, the Jackpot is rolled over into subsequent weeks until there is a winner.  The 50-50 is split: 40% to the Club; 30% to the Winner and 30% to the Jackpot “pot”.  The Jackpot “pot” grows each week until there is a winner.

DICKS SPORTING GOODS TRIVIA: Each game a random fan will chosen from the audience to answer a Trivia question about the team or the league.  Answer the question correctly and win a $20 Gift Certificate from Dicks.

WATCH PLAYER INTERVIEW: Each game a random fan will be chosen from the audience to answer a question from the weeks Player Interview on the website.  Answer the question correctly to win a prize.

CHUCK A PUCK: Try your skill at getting the puck closest to the center ice dot.  The winner will receive half the pot taken in for the night from the chuck a puck table.

GUESS FIRST GOAL:  If you accurately predict who scores the first Buffalo Regals goal this evening you can win a tee shirt.  If multiple people guess correctly, we will use a tie breaker. The tie  breaker is the person who guesses closest to the time of the goal.

50-50 Tickets: 50-50 tickets are available for each game.  Winner gets half the pot.

FAN OF THE GAME: Are you a loud and crazy fun fan?  Do you cheer every goal and great play? You too can become a Fan of the Game as we randomly select on Fan per Game who best displays the meaning of FAN.  That fan wins a prize.