Community Relations Manager

Buffalo Regals Junior are seeking a Community Relations Manager for the upcoming season.

The successful candidate will have an ability to work and communicate with various organizations in the Greater Buffalo area such as schools, scout groups, non profits and other organizations that help to elevate the quality of life in our community.

Responsibilities include:
*Seek out and work with organizations where our players can fulfill any community service hours they may have to complete.
*Seek out and assist with non-profit organizations that serve charitable needs within the community.
*Help organize and execute the various charitable events that we conduct during the season.
*Develop partnerships with other entities in the Greater Buffalo area to help raise awareness and recognition of the Buffalo Regals Juniors.
*Identify and partner with other organizations in the Greater Buffalo area who have similar goals and objectives and help to execute plans of action for the betterment of both groups.
*Develop a strong relationship with the local and regional media for the promotion of Buffalo Regals Junior Players and Events.
*Be in attendance for Buffalo Regals Junior Events and Promotions.
*Distribution of Buffalo Regals Junior Marketing materials to the local community.

Reports to:
The Buffalo Regals Junior Community Relations Manager will report to the Buffalo Regals Junior General Manager.

This is a voluntary position. However, commissions will be paid for generating advertising revenue.

Letters of interest and/or resume may be submitted to the Buffalo Regals Juniors at: or contact General Manager Pete Preteroti at 716-491-0375.